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How many people do you know who've become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?

Stop loosing your money to inflation!

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World class algorithms

We use award winning algorithms to build you a diversified mix of assets.

Bank level security

All data is encrypted and your money is directly invested. It never touches our bank accounts.

Full control

100% transparent.
Invest, track and withdraw your money anytime.

The financial friend
you've always wanted.

Chat with Skybulls the same way you do with your friends and he keeps learning about you.

He builds a personalized portfolio based on your profile and actively manages it according to market conditions. He achieves optimal returns at every level of risk without any technical jargon.

Say goodbye to hidden commissions And hello to the future of investing

Skybulls was created with the idea that financial advice should not be biased due to "under the table" brokerage.We only do direct investing and pass on these savings to you.